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    Trying Mojave in an Acer 5750G I7- Intel HD3000 + Nvidia GT-540 earlier versions I all got to due to the team. A couple of months ago I had a stroke and failed. If it works now … I am grateful for all the helpful things I find here on the board. Will keep you Post-It.. Greetz Reece
  3. @Niresh Graphics model is AMD Radeon RX 550. 4GB. The onboard is the Vega 8 graphics built into the Ryzen cpu. I have tried both and my graphics performance is not great. System info says 7 MB graphics. I have installed clover, not sure what to do with it. Sorry I'm so needy, I'm new at this. Now I get a kernel panic every time I shut down.
  4. Hello, i have lenovo z50-75. I downloaded Niresh Mojave, with TransMac put on flashdisk and boot. System stoped on PCI configuration begin. So I used npci=0x2000, because npci=0x3000 and PCIRootUID=1 not work. It booted, but it stoped on loading screen with  logo and progress bar. After few moments, the appears mouse and with touchpad it has jumping moving. Where is problem? Thanks
  5. hi, My system- i5 8600K, Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0, 16GB Gskill Ram & 750Ti GPU, 240GB Gigabyte SSD on installing time here is error in log plz check here
  6. @moshiour0027 Is this happen immediately after selecting boot from Niresh Mojave Installer?
  7. @Niresh I am not sure but it's intel HD 4000 that is the model of my graphics card... so the device id is it unique? of same for each model??
  8. Hello. I try to install Niresh and Vanila Mojave too but I can’t install because the installer stops at Unsupported CPU, Unsupported CPU, Unsupported PCH message I had a working Mojave, but after an automatic update it failed to work, always stops at this message my config: Intel Core i7 2600K 8 GB RAM 2 SSD (120 GB, 240 GB) R9 270X GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
  9. @Irongame199 Other partition is HFS. The one visible is EFI Partition which is FAT File System. Does your BIOS Support UEFI?
  10. @moshiour0027 What is the device id of your Graphics?
  11. @Irongame199 No, if installer was corrupted you would not be able to boot from it. Did you partition your Hard disk as GUID?
  12. Also just to make sure, How big is the usb drive? Because if its bellow like 8 gb then that might be the problem. Also to add, when you make the bootable usb you wont be able to view both of the partitions on windows, you will only see a partition titled "HZ" which has about 100mb as total size.
  13. I have tried but the installation failed about 1-3 minutes in to the install and when I rebooted it just booted me back to the usb and in the bootloader install Hackingtosh High Sierra Zone was the only option. Is it possible that the installer was corrupt when I downloaded it or that transmac didnt make the bootable usb installer properly?
  14. I am facing issue with mojave install and my screen goes blank .. below image is the current status. This happens when i select to boot form niresh mojhave then. ... boom. My graphics in built in intel HD 4000
  15. @dimlog Installing Clover will fix this issue.
  16. @bipiloh are you using the latest version of TransMac? Did you download Hackintosh-Sierra-Zone from this website?
  17. @RedneckDude Good, then Download & Install Clover to fix USB boot issue. Apple ALC may fix sound problem. What is your graphics model?
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  19. the 1st post was actually for newer web files. the .dmg was for the osx 10.7.5
  20. A .dmg webdriver takes more steps 1. download dmg 2.extract 0.hfs 3.double click 0.hfs extract nvidia drivers 4.keep clicking til you see archive.pax.gz 5.extract 6.double click the . folder 7.extract all .kext
  21. @Niresh No, separate hard drive. Fixed ethernet.
  22. I do have a CREATIVE usb sound card if that helps. but I don't think its supported
  23. @RedneckDude Do you have windows on the same hard drive?
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