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  3. @Niresh am sorry if I have wasted your time. I decided after all the issues that I would start over and just have Mac instead of dual booting with Windows. Upon doing so, I am having better success. I am having trouble permanently applying the boot flags though.
  4. @Niresh Yes but there is no /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.14/ folder
  5. @mcdoandeds What is USB Security? Post a picture of error on the exact moment. There are few settings in Clover related to USB Try to mix them and change them.
  6. @Uniquemxing That is not error, could you save the Installer log and attach it here?
  7. @NireshFan02 You should change your username first. Use one of the following kernel flag npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1
  8. @Expertik Yes you have to take photos through phone.
  9. @moshiour0027 Are you able to browse EFI Partition with Transmac?
  10. @Niresh Correct me if i am wrong but from windows explorer i am not about to browse files any in any way.. as format for mac is simply disabling windows to explore that usb drives file system. And i created usb using Transmac as you have instructed in your guide.
  11. @Niresh In bios aren't any options for USB. In bios I turn off secure boot, set SATA to AHCI and saved. There isn't option for XHCI handoff, CFG-lock or vt-d. I used -v param, but I don't know how to save output... Have I to take photo of screen by phone or is in Clover any option to export last output? Thanks.
  12. I have the same issue on my HP Pavillion laptop, Did anyone find some solution for the same?
  13. @Expertik What are the settings available for USB in BIOS? use npci=0x2000 -v to get detailed verbose output.
  14. @RedneckDude Could you take a picture of the kernel panic and attach here. If you could post all the stuff you did detailed it may help some users.
  15. @moshiour0027 Yes, no commands needed, plug into a windows computer and you can browse files using explorer.
  16. @Niresh I found instructions on how to use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI and inserted clover. Everything is now working fine except for the kernel panic and when I shut down Mac, it reboots rather than shutting down. Upon reboot, I get the panic notice and a window telling me that my computer shut down due to an error. Happy Easter
  17. @Niresh Do i need to delete it from usb prior before selecting Niresh Mojave Installer ?? if yes .. then should i do it with terminal? .. Can you point me to guides or commands to do that??
  18. Please, @Niresh help me. CPU: AMD FX-7500 GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M260 RAM: 8GB I used npci=0x2000, and i get to apple logo and loading screen, but it loads approx to 10% then stops... After 2-3 minutes, there appears mouse... It doesn't work with USB mouse, only with touchpad, but it has just very strange moving... But, after few hours nothing still happened. Please help, thanks.
  19. Niresh Mojave showing my pci config and not advancing. I need any help possible.
  20. @HeinHtut Install VooDoo PS/2 Kexts for touchpad. What is the vendor id of your Wireless chipset?
  21. @moshiour0027 Remove Graphics Related Kexts found in EFI Volume, from folder /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.14/
  22. @RedneckDude How did you install Clover?
  23. Hello, I have installed the mojave on my Dell e7240 laptop and its amazing. But wifi and touch pad are not working. Now i use the ethernet cable and bought new wifi card Dell DW1050, i hope it can fix the wifi problem. But i dont know about the touch pad error. Can any body fix that?
  24. @Niresh Ok, I got sound going, got clover to let me boot to Mac or Windows. Still have the graphics issue, and Every reboot I see a kernel panic message.
  25. Yesterday
    Trying Mojave in an Acer 5750G I7- Intel HD3000 + Nvidia GT-540 earlier versions I all got to due to the team. A couple of months ago I had a stroke and failed. If it works now … I am grateful for all the helpful things I find here on the board. Will keep you Post-It.. Greetz Reece
  26. @Niresh Graphics model is AMD Radeon RX 550. 4GB. The onboard is the Vega 8 graphics built into the Ryzen cpu. I have tried both and my graphics performance is not great. System info says 7 MB graphics. I have installed clover, not sure what to do with it. Sorry I'm so needy, I'm new at this. Now I get a kernel panic every time I shut down.
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