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  2. @RedneckDude Do you have windows on the same hard drive?
  3. @Niresh Thanks! That worked, and I have included it permanently with Clover Configurator. This is a dual boot with Windows 10 already installed. I have the Hackintosh running now, but I have to have the USB inserted to be able to boot into it. I assume there is a fix? Also having a little trouble with drivers. I have no ethernet connection. Looking for drivers for ethernet and graphics. System Report shows no ethernet card or sound card installed.
  4. Hello friends when i finish making bootable my drive that takes 20 to 30 mins, my usb drive show this partition. it is only 10MB used. why dmg files are not in this usb? and also my dmg image is not opening in trans mac please solve this issue as soon as possible soory for my poor english thanks
  5. Did you just copy the Boot folder and Clover folder from the EFI folder on usb into the EFI folder on the HDD partition..?
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  7. Impossiblr to boot from hard disk. Copied EFI from USB to disk of no help. Looking for parameters in Clover didnt help. Should I look for Multibeast?
  8. Thank you. Niresh would your Distro have trim enabled by default on a fresh installation?
  9. My bios is Hewlett Packard setup utility version 2.15.1236
  10. The only ones for usb I can find on my bios is usb security and all USB ports are enabled
  11. @mcdoandeds Something wrong with your USB settings. Check BIOS, what are the USB Related settings available?
  12. hope this works <a href="https://ibb.co/XDzptx0"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/2SjPd3V/36749-E82-A916-4-F38-B1-E1-E0-A61-EDD0383.jpg" alt="36749-E82-A916-4-F38-B1-E1-E0-A61-EDD0383" border="0"></a>
  13. @argiswin Yes Possible. What it the device ID of your HD 6700?
  14. @sjpro Yes i had this error once, with an Intel SSD, the problem was TRIM, after not enabling TRIM the error was fixed. Try it disable TRIM. Let me know if it fixes the issue.
  15. @crytek Yes it affects, you need to set SATA as AHCI like instructed by @mcdoandeds
  16. @Irongame199 Sierra Installer fails false negative, the installation might have completed successfully but Installer might show a false error. Restart & boot from Installed volume.
  17. thank you for your reply . if i install yosemite or sierra or high sierra or el capitan? Can i get my GPU working with one these versions?
  18. win 7 using old 7-zip archive manager v9.20 1) download webdriver .pkg to pc 2) double click on the file, double click on 1st item in the list 1.3-63..... 3) extract payload to folder on pc 4) rename file to payload .gz 5) double click extract payload. 6) rename to payload.dmg 7) double click on . extract . to pc now you have the webdrivers to manually install didn't try with newer versions of windows or the 7-zip once you rename the files you may be able to do the rest on the mac away from home now so I can't verify that.
    I try to setup the keyboard layout but it crashes , I have Amd Radeon r7 +r5 dual graphics 8gb ram (2x4gb) 2tb hdd 128gb ssd
  19. Hello, I have tried to install Mac OS X Sierra for qiute a long time but I failed so I switched to Mac OS X High Sierra where I had less problems until the installer said Install failed or something like that and when i checked the log in one of the lines i saw something like this: 'missing systemversion.plist' Is there anything im missing? The only bootflag I used was ncpi=0x2000. Thanks!
  20. Is your bios config for storage devices set from ide to ahci.
  21. I have an Amd r7+ r5 dual graphics , 8 gb ram (2x4gb). Ddr3 2tb harddrive 128 gb ssd. it crashes when I try to choose the keyboard layouts or skip the setup
  22. I have tried to boot to the volume through the install usb with no success so I decided to try install Mac OS X High Sierra Zone with AMD support and now I get a different error, I get stuck on 'HID: Legacy shim 2' as I am new here I have no idea of what that means. Anyways thanks!
  23. Hi all, i have had a system running successfully for a few months now, everything perfect. However, one thing that does keep happening is errors with the SSD I’m using, more specifically if I have to do a hard reboot. if I power down during active Mac or lose power without shutting down properly I have to reinstall Mojave fully by formatting SSD then time machine restore. For some reason the partition gets corrupt and I can’t fix it with the usual disk util or command line processes I have found online. Has anyone come across this issue as I can’t tell whether it’s an SSD hardware failure or something to do with the way the OSX works? I know one thing, a normal HDD seems to work fine.
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