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Distro is the easiest way to install macOS on PC. Distro can be used to install macOS without a Mac. Previously Distros were released as ISO but now they are being released as Bootable USB Images. Here you can download Distros.

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  1. Niresh Catalina

    Installing macOS Catalina on PC is made easy with Niresh Catalina. This is a special release, it focuses on Vanilla. It has no third-party software. You are free to customize your mac os experience your way.     Catalina Requirements. Computer Desktop/Laptop with Intel processor and supported graphics card or chipset. Motherboard with UEFI supported BIOS. Catalina requires a processor with the SSE4.2 instruction. Catalina requires a metal-compatible gr


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  2. Niresh Mojave

    Installing macOS on PC is made easy with Niresh Mojave. This is a special release, it focuses on Vanilla. It has no third-party software. You are free to customize your mac os experience your way.     Mojave Requirements. A Desktop Computer or Laptop with Intel Processor. A Mother Board with UEFI supported BIOS. Mojave requires a processor with the SSE4.2 instruction set, SSE 4.1 may work but some Applications, Functions, Kexts & Graphics Accelerations ma


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  3. Niresh High Sierra

    Niresh High Sierra with AMD & Intel Support   Install macOS High Sierra on PC with this installer which doesn't need access to a mac; You can create bootable USB from Windows, Linux or Mac. High Sierra Zone is the easiest way to Install High Sierra on PC; You can create a bootable High Sierra USB without a Mac.     Read guide before starting any procedures/steps. This step is very important.       Features of High Sierra Zone: NO MBR


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  4. Niresh Sierra

    Sierra Zone AKA Niresh Sierra is an easy way to install macOS on PC, Sierra Zone Support AMD too (Limited Support)   Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 Installer    Check If Sierra is Compatible with Your PC Read all the instruction from bit.ly/HackintoshSierra before installing this software. Hackintosh is not easy, only talented people could make it work, be one of them. Troubleshoot Hackintosh by visiting bit.ly/HackintoshDebug


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  5. Niresh Yosemite

    Yosemite Zone can be used to install Yosemite on pc without the need of a Mac. Make sure to read the articles listed below those steps are very mandatory to Install Hackintosh Yosemite on Your PC. First of all, make sure you know What is a Hackintosh?   This version Supports AMD Hackintosh Machines, Intel Processors including Haswell + LGA 2011 X99 Hackintosh Installation, HP Processors with Insyde Bios.   The DMG (Yosemite-Zone.dmg) is for USB and ISO (Yosemite-


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  6. Niresh Mountain Lion 10.8.5 DvD ISO Image - With AMD & Intel

    This ISO can be used to install mac os x mountain lion on PC, Download and burn it to DVD Read installation guide from MacBreaker USB and DvD 4.3/4.7 Bootable ISO Hackintosh Install OS X On Any Computer Including AMD CPUs Install and Use The Best Operating System in The World   Installation Requirements 64bit Capable CPU (AMD & Intel) (Haswell Supported) 10 GB + Free Space 1GB + Ram  


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  7. Niresh Mavericks

    Mavericks 10.9 with AMD & Intel Support - USB & ISO Install Mac OS X Mavericks on PC with Niresh Mavericks aka Mavericks Zone, to Install this you don't need access to a Mac This release can be used with AMD processors too Read Mavericks Guide before starting any procedures.   Features: AMD Processor Support Standalone Installer MBR Patch Trim Patch RTC Patch Auto-Install Audio Kexts Auto-Install Network Kexts


       (140 reviews)


  8. Niresh Mountain Lion for AMD and Intel 10.8.5

    Install os x mountain lion on any computer including amd cpus install and use the best operating system in the world This is not a version for DvDs Read the following articles completely before starting the Installation What is a Hackintosh Mountain Lion Installation Guide Debugging your Hackintosh if something goes wrong   Installation Requirements (Haswell Supported) 10 GB + Space 1GB + Ram 64bit Supported CPU


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  9. Niresh Mountain Lion 10.8.2 for Intel and AMD

    Install OS X Mountain Lion On Any Computer Including AMD CPUs Install and use the best operating system on the world. MacBreaker There are two versions USB Version DvD 4.3/4.7 Bootable Installation Requirements 64bit capable cpu (amd & intel) (Haswell Not Supported) 10 GB + Free Space 1GB + Ram Other Installation Instructions are Included 


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  10. Niresh Mountain Lion 10.8 Intel Only

    This release can be used to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on PC There are two versions available USB version for people on windows who wanna make a usb bootable media ISO version can be used by any one Warning: Do not select FakeSMC plugins while customizing. Apply the Bug Fix after the installation which is included with Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8


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  11. Niresh Lion 10.7.3 V2 With AMD Support

    OS X Lion 10.7.3 V2 was released including various fixes with amd support. This version supports mbr installation. so you don't have to partition your whole hard-disk just erase the first volume and start installing. You can install this version on an amd atom and intel processors. Change these settings in BIOS or refer to Legacy Bios settings for #Hackintosh  Set Sata as AHCI ACPI Suspend State to S3 Virtualization Technolo


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