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  4. When I installed macOS Mojave wifi is not working. I am using hp 250 g5 laptop with i3 processor(I could not find the name of the wifi card). When I try to add interface it does not exist. Ethernet is working(Realtek RTL8111 Gigabit Ethernet controller).
  5. Hi, so recently I installed Niresh High Sierra and everything is working beside the graphics card. My pc specs: i3 8100 16 GB RAM DDR4 2400 MHZ GTX 1060 3GB Things I did try: I installed Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext into my Library/Extensions folder I did configure my config.plist with the help of this guide: https://www.hackintosh.computer/929/nvidia-web-driver/ I used nVidia auto web driver installer (the driver actually successfully installed but when I restart my computer it turns back from Nvidia Web Driver to OS X Default Graphics Driver) Please help me!!
  6. Hi, I'm running Sierra on 2 machine and need to update the firmware on my NVidea GT 750 card. The update has been downloaded from NVidea but Wine cannot run it and I therefore cannot update the firmware to support a recently purchased 4K monitor. Thanks for any assistance - woud really appreciate any London based Hackintosh engineers getting in touch, I am one of a large community of Hackintosh based musicians needing tech support and upgrades.
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  8. I have dell vostro 3468 with specs: Intel i3 7100u Intel hd 620 graphics 1tb hard disk 4gb ddr4 ram with windows 10 latest installed. I can't install yosemite zone pease suggest me some thing i am tired . It just stuck on the logo and does even moves and in the boot menu it shows the yosemite zone and the other drives in my computer present.
    how come TransMac Cant Open The Partitions? well that's a problem with all of niresh's items
  9. if you need help on hackintoshing it i can help i have the same laptop
  10. @rafaforero already got ethernet working on my dell Inspiron 15-3567. Wifi's still not working, I managed to get it activated but doesn't find any connection. Have U gotten any luck at all with the Wifi? I can share with U the kext that I used for the ethernet if you're still interested. Greetings!
  11. So, I've tried multiple attempts,(on a spare HDD), to get dual boot with Windows 10 and Mojave...... NO GO! I'm wondering why wouldn't Bootcamp work? I keep seeing that Bootcamp is a Mac thing, but, isn't MacOs also? Thats odd.... wondering if anyone has tried it and been successful, because, dual booting Mojave and Windows with every tutorial I've tried has not worked. Just left me with "legacy HD3 and "Boot from Windows system" and when selected, it leaves a windows icon on the screen for a second or 2 and reboots. Any issues with a High Sierra install using MBR patch?
  12. Hi Niresh/Hackintoshers, As a Mac use who loathes how expensive Macs are, I have been intrigued big time by Hackintosh. Now that a decent PC laptop HD has died and we bought a better gaming PC for my son, I'm taking the plunge. I've done a search of my issue, but not come across any results. I've followed all Niresh High Sierra steps 1-5 successfully for installing, but since I don't have access to Windows to install on the replacement SATA drive, I installed a spare Mac-formatted SATA HD, which already has Mavericks installed. Trouble is, after installing the Mac HD in the Dell Inspiron 5547, I can't access Step 6: BIOS via the Delete while booting approach. When the Dell acted up, before I considered making it a Hackintosh, I was able to access the Diagnostics, etc., via F2 and F12 when testing that dead PC-formatted HD... ... Is there some way to access Step 6 via F2 or F12, perhaps? Or is a PC formatted HD with Windows installed a must? I have an old Windows XP disk... Is that too old to be useful? (I restarted the Dell using F2 and I see it's an Inspiron 5547 with an i5-4210U CPU with a 1.70Ghz . BIOS version is A08.) Grateful for the help and for this community of Hackintoshers. Thanks in advance for your insights.
  13. @Niresh I have tried to add an attachment but I do not know how to attach a picture on to this forum post.
  14. Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E5440 and I need some drivers for Mac OS X 10.14 - Mojave. I need the graphics drivers, sound drivers, and wifi drivers. I am typing on this computer right now, on Mac OS, but with a usb wifi adapter that I use with my desktop computer. I can't figure out how to get the drivers to work. Info about laptop: SanDisk 480GB SSD 8GB of DDR3 ram Intel HD Graphics and a GeForce GT 720M Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Model: 7260HMW Whoever helps me, thanks 🙂
  15. @marcio silver Inject 0x01628086 as device ID Inject 03006601 as platform ID thorough clover. Set DVMT to Maximum value in BIOS.
  16. I would like to do so, but how should I try AppleALC without the native AppleHDA? (It's not included in the Yosemite-Zone installer ) Edit: I found out that my Codec is ALC269VC
  17. I need a help ... i have notebook intel celeron cpu j1900 1.99GHz memory size 8192 MB intel hd graphics no acceleration on mac os sierra just 7 mb of vram I did all the injections by the clover configurator, but it did not work. Please help me ... Thanks. system information. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OJbUrjpZZ6U96EJFuy8lb5RdSnhPJE7M Itel hd graphics information https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KnkCyaeNmFz6aBmM_sQGAOpA9AQJJSQe
  18. is there a fix? a guy did my computer but it kept freezing, sleep worked when I closed the lid and the sleep option did too, so I erased it and started my own Hackintosh from scratch. I really need this fixed cause when I'm downloading stuff and it passes the timer or I'm away from my computer it reboots. I don't want to put it to NEVER SLEEP. My Hackintosh is flawless, everything is working except this.
  19. @Audiojunk Did you read the guide and preceded with Making Hackintosh Yosemite USB?
  20. @Hadden EvoReboot.kext may help, i remember using this with old machines for sleep and shutdown issues long ago.
  21. @podagee79 Yes, when the lid close, system is automatically switching state to sleep mode, it causes reboot.
  22. @Jonleif Double check if your Partition is GUID, Please attach a screenshot too.
  23. Toshiba satellite S75-A7221 It also reboots when I put to sleep
    thank you very much Niresh. I used the iso on my dell optiplex 790 with 4 gigs of ddr3 ram 2 gig msi geforce vcard and it works just fine. One thing I'd like to mention which I'm not sure is really an important thing or if that's supposed to happen but when i first installed it I did the bios thing and it installed with a minor detail...my keyboard and mouse kept freezing but I found a fix right here, I used -x -f and it worked perfectly ...now the part that has me stumped after disconnecting my mac hard drive and hooking up my win 10 machine I went back into the bios to set it back to the way I always have it set normally and forgot about it until I went back and hooked up my mac hard drive I didn't change any bios settings but it booted up normally. Is that supposed to happen? I thought I would have to change all my bios settings everytime I plugged the mac hard drive in.
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